First Flight Prague to Užhorod

First Flight Prague Cover1

First Flight Prague Cover1aThis genuinely flown cover is one of 192 that was flown on the First Flight Prague to Užhorod on 3 June 1935, 7th hour. The flight then continued with the rest of the mail to Kluž and Bucharest. It bears the special commemorative cancel for this flight over a Type I, 2 Kč airmail stamp from the 16 December 1930 definitive set (Type I has a small break in the inner frame line in the lower left corner, and is a longer but narrower rectangular stamp then the Type II). It is perforated 13 3/4 and is a right margin copy showing the vertical 8-line stress bar imprint (making the stamp valued at 10% more).
The franking is correct — 1 Kč for a letter up to 20 gm going a greater distance within the country, and a 1 Kč surcharge for an airmail letter up to 20 gm.
You will note that the address is a little skimpy, having no street address or house number.
On the reverse is another special commemorative cancel for its arrival in Užhorod showing a date of 3 June 1935, 13th hour. Across the back is a hand-stamp saying “VYVOLÁNO LISTONOSEM NEZNÁMÝ” which loosely translates into “announced by postman as unknown”, with initials, and then a return PRAHA 36 cancel dated 5 June 1935.

I do not know the purpose of the “6945”.
A nice clean cover.