Slovakia during WWII

Slovakia Cov(49)

This is a very interesting and scarce face of a Registered personal delivery cover which was sent from Zilina to Budatin on May 1, 1944. The cover is addressed to “Illustrious Lord, Count Gejza Csaky, landowner” and the lowest line of typed text reads “delivery only to his own hands”. The use of the red personal delivery stamp on cover is relatively scarce and indicates that the recipient of the envelope was to pay the cost of the personal delivery service. Count Gejza Csaky was the last owner of the Budatin estates, the property having been acquired by his family towards the end of the 18th Century. The Budatin estates and particularly the Radol’a Manor House dominated the landscape of the Budatin area, approximately 10Km from Zilina, for many centuries. The original manor house was the center of the estates which included a mill, a sawmill, gardens, ponds, stables and a brewery. For the last several decades the rebuilt manor house has been under the administration of the Kysuce Museum.