List of Titles available


The following rules and regulations constitute the conditions under which material may be

borrowed from the Library. Any modifications to these rules and regulations will be published in future editions of “The Czechoslovak Specialist” and posted on the Society’s website.

    1. Any member in good standing of the Society for Czechoslovak Philately (SCP) may have the privilege of borrowing material from the Library provided that this privilege has not been suspended. A consistently poor record in returning material late or in poor condition can lead to suspension of library privileges.
    1. Requests for material must be in writing, signed, and accompanied by the requester’s membership number. Requests from minors must be cosigned by a parent or guardian.
    1. There is no fee for borrowing material from the Library. However, the requester must reimburse the Society for the cost of the postage for mailing the material to him/her. The borrower should submit this payment when returning the borrowed material to the Library. Also, certain valuable items must be insured for the stated amount; such items are identified by an asterisk (*) in the Library Catalog.
    1. All checks should be made personally payable to the Librarian.
    1. Material may be retained by a borrower for any period up to 10 weeks. However, if another request is received for the same item, the Librarian may request
      the borrower to return the item after 5 weeks, or immediately, whichever is later.
    1. Unless instructed otherwise, material will normally be shipped at the Library Materials Rate. Material may be returned via the Library Materials Rate. The package should be clearly endorsed “Library Materials” and be addressed to “SCP Library”, c/o the Librarian. Doubting postal employees should be referredto the Postal Service Manual.
    1. When material is returned to the Library in damaged condition, or whenever material is not returned for any reason, the borrower will be expected to replace or make suitable restitution for material lost or damaged when in his possession.
    1. Submission of a request for material constitutes acceptance of these rules and conditions.
  1. A copy of the Library Catalog will be provided free of charge upon your written request to the Librarian. The Catalog is also available on the Society’s website. The Librarian’s address and the web page address are listed in the front of every issue of the Specialist.