Slovak Post
Czech Post 


Czech Machine Slogan Cancels
PDF – Collection of Meter Covers

Typographic Stamps of Czechoslovakia
Translations into English of important philatelic studies of early Czechoslovak stamps. Contains corrections and new information on those stamps.

Military postcards by Vojtech Preissig
After the U.S.A. entered World War I, Czechoslovak artists took part in the propaganda campaign to promote Czech and Slovak men to enter the Czechoslovak legion in France.

Basic Types of Czech Postmarks Since 1900
These pages bring an overview of the basic types of postmarks that were used on the present territory of Czech Republic since the beginning of this century.

Czech Postage Stamp Library
Useful and versatile site focusing on Czechoslovak Stamps by Mark Wilson

Journal of Czechoslovak Philatelic Society of Great Britain
Interactive Indexes 1975-2012 by Mark Wilson

CSR Revenue and Railway Stamps
Gottsmich/Erler “CSR Revenue and Railway Stamps” catalog is now online for free access


Czech and Slovak Html ASCII Codes
How to get those special characters into your document. For example:The c-hachek in Hradčany

The Stamp Photos Image Library contains lots of pictures to interest stamp collectors, enthusiasts and philatelists. There are 1205 pictures and 11 comments on the site for you to browse through. Images of stamps can be viewed by year, by album

This site is compiling links to stamp collecting/selling websites

Basic Stamp Collecting Tips
Links to miscellaneous stamp collecting resources for children and adults

Slovak Stamps
A non-commercial site focused on the popularisation of philately and stamp collecting in Slovakia and Czechia, and further in other neighbouring countries. Its main goal is to provide source of information including list of philatelic events and interesting articles. Most of its contents is in Slovak, but is developing a multi-language version.

Stamp Collecting and Philately for Kids and Adults Alike
Some more links compiled by Sally Belagrano

Ukrainian Philatelic and Numismatic Society
The Ukrainian Philatelic and Numismatic Society (UPNS) seeks to unite all collectors of Ukrainian materials and is particularly dedicated to the promotion of Ukrainian stamp, coin, and medal collecting. All fields of Ukrainian philately and numismati

Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Tschechoslowakei  (German Society)

SHP Logo

The Society for Hungarian Philately (APS Affiliate #34) is a non-profit organization chartered under the laws of the State of Connecticut and is devoted to the study of every aspect of Hungarian philately. The society presently has members living throughout the United States and Canada and other countries worldwide.

Slovak Philatelic Union

World Series Shows
The exhibitions listed have qualified and received certification for their Grand Award winners to compete in the World Series. The World Series season runs from 1 July to 30 June each year.

International FIP Shows
These shows may be held at most once every ten years in any one country and typically last a week or longer. Requests for booth space and exhibit entries are typically due a year or more in advance.

EXPONET – Virtual Philatelic Exhibition
Over 150 Online Exhibits spanning 25 Countries