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There are a number of benefits available to the members of The Society for Czechoslovak Philately.

Some of them are:

    • Receive our quarterly journal, The Czechoslovak Specialist, which has been continuously published for almost 60 years;
    • Can participate in the Society Sales Circuit where one can find good material at reasonable prices and/or dispose of duplicates;
    • May purchase Society publications and philatelic books covering our various fields of interest at a discount;
    • Have access to the Society library which is probably the best collection on Czechoslovak philately outside the Czech Republic and Slovakia;
    • May use our Expertization Committee which has only minimal charges for services;
    • Have access to other collectors that share their interests and passions. Members are always willing to assist each other in solving philatelic problems and mysteries.

In addition to regular membership, the Society also has Youth, Patron, and Honorary membership categories. Youth memberships are available to young collectors (to age 18) for the nominal fee. Patron members support the Society at a higher dues level and receive a bound copy of The Czechoslovak Specialist in addition to regular membership privileges. Honorary memberships are awarded for outstanding contributions to the Society and for the furtherance of Czechoslovak philately.

Memberships expires on 31 December each year.  People who join before the 1st of November each year are listed as “this year” members and receive the Specialists for the year.  Any new member who joins after the 1st of November is listed as a new member as of the 1st of January of the following year.