The Society operates an expertization committee under the direction of Ludvik Z. Svoboda. Depending upon the nature or substance of the item to be evaluated, he will direct you to the appropriate source for expertization. The instructions for use, charges involved (they are higher for non-Society members), and a downloadable application form are found below.

Please remember NOT to send the item with your initial application, and that each item requires a separate application form. Questions and application forms should be directed to:

Ludvik Z. Svoboda
4766 S. Helena Way
Aurora, CO 80015

or e-mail:

Application for Expertization (PDF)




Anyone is eligible to submit philatelic material for evaluation, subject to acceptance by the Committee.


A. It is understood by the owner that in requesting an evaluation of philatelic material by the ommittee, the owner is seeking an opinion by the Committee of the genuineness and quality/condition of the material understanding that:

  • the opinion of the Committee is not a guarantee
  • the Committee reserves the right to submit “no opinion” findings
  • only a “no opinion” finding entitles the owner to a full refund (less mailing costs)

B. Neither the Society, the Committee, nor its members are financially responsible for any consequences arising from the evaluation of submitted philatelic material.

C. The Committee will return material without evaluation if the outlined procedures are not followed.



A. The evaluation will be performed by the Expertization Committee of the Society for Czechoslovak Philately, Inc. (Article V further defines the Committee.)

B. A completed application form containing a detailed description of the item to be expertized together with appropriate fee should be mailed to the Chairman of the Expertization Committee. If more than one item is to be expertized, a separate application must be submitted for each item. A self addressed/stamped postcard must also be included for the Chairman to use.

C. By way of the postcard, the Chairman will acknowledge receipt of the application(s) and will advise the owner where each item is to be sent for proper expertization.

D. When an item is mailed to the expertizer, it should be sent insured/registered for full value and must include a self addressed envelope that has sufficient postage for insured/registered return mailing of the item(s). Insurance against loss in the mails both to and from the owner and the expertizer will be the responsibility of the owner.

E. When multiple items/applications are involved, they may be sent together subject to the insurance limitations of the owner.

F. All reasonable care will be taken by the Expertization Committee of item(s) submitted for examination. However, all items are accepted only with the distinct understanding that neither the Society for Czechoslovak Philately, Inc., nor any members of the Expertization Committee are liable for any loss or damage resulting from errors in opinions rendered or from any cause whatever (except for gross negligence).



A. If found genuine, an expertization mark will be affixed at the appropriate position on the back of the stamp or on the face of the entire. Special characteristics when important, such as perforation measurements, color shades, etc., will also be marked on the back of the stamp or on the face of the entire.

B. When material is found to be forged, altered, repaired, regummed, etc., it will be so marked. The owner of the material is understood to specifically agree to this procedure when he requests expertization.

C. Certificates of Genuineness will be issued, if requested. Sharp, glossy photographsmust be submitted in 2 copies with each item for which a certificate is requested.

D. When requested, and at the discretion of the Expertization Committee, material may be submitted to the Commission of Experts of the Union of Czechoslovak Philatelists for expertization and/or certification.



A. The working procedures of the Expertization Committee will be established by the Chairman subject to approval by the Board of Directors of the Society.

B. The President of the Society shall appoint the Chairman. The President, upon the advice of the Chairman, will appoint members of the Committee for open ended terms. Nominations for membership on the Committee shall be based solely upon the qualifications of the individual and willingness to serve. The President may remove any member of the Committee for cause.

C. The Chairman shall determine the areas in which the Committee is competent to make judgements and shall publish such findings in the SPECIALIST for the guidance of the Society membership.

D. The Chairman shall publish periodic reports on the activities of the Expertization Committee in the SPECIALIST and will submit a general report to the Board of Directors each time it convenes.


A. Schedule of Fees (non-SCP members add 50% of the calculated fee):

Up to $199 Scott or other designated catalog value $3.50
$200 – 999 Scott or other designated catalog value 2 1/2% of catalog value
Over $1000 Scott or other designated catalog value 1 1/2% of catalog value ($25.00 minimum)


B. If Scott or other designated catalog value is not available, then the owner should use an estimated value as a basis for the fee. In this case, the expertÕs estimate of retail value will prevail for final fee determination.

C. Any additional fees and/or expenses for an evaluation in the Czech or Slovak Republics will be advised by the Chairman at time of submission to this additional evaluator.

D. If the item is found to be not genuine, any excess of the expertization fee over $10 will be returned along with the marked item. The amount up to $10 will be retained as a processing fee.