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  1. Frank La Due says:

    Looking for documentation related to the ChainBreaker series

  2. Looking for postal history, production material, and unusual items for the Czech Judaica issue of 1967.

  3. George Pavlik says:

    Looking for
    Slovakia 1939 expertized with certificate:
    Scott numbers
    24a,24b 25a,25b 27a,27b 29b,29c 32a 33 33a,33b

  4. Dana Milner says:

    Looking for St. George postcard from 1945, with names of liberated camps on it.

  5. Mark Steven Corrinet says:

    Looking for copy of –

    1. 2002 Klim & SchAdelbauer catalog.
    2. The rarest Czechoslovak postage stamps in the collection of Ludvick Pytlicek (1988 Praga) special book with contents.

    Also looking for complete sets of black proofs, printers proofs, and similar items for early First Republic issues.

  6. Larry Pacl says:

    Looking for 101A, 101B, 101C, 101D, 121, 141. Czech Republic 3016,3363. Prefer mint. Hinged OK.

  7. Sik Andrew says:

    just inherited a small collection of old stamps and I wish put on sale adding that I m not collector myself and I don t belong to any philatelist club or any organization
    Consisting old stamps from greece,italy,former yugoslavia and republic of burundi
    If interested kindly advise me where and to whom to expose my collection.
    you can also reach me in my handy 420-608351499
    thank you in advance

  8. Sik Andrew says:

    I live in Prague and appreciate to advise me the requested procedure and name me the adequate persons enabling me sale my collection .

    best regards

  9. Wou Xin says:

    Hello everyone,
    I am a serious stamp collector from China and I would like to further my Czech stamp collection. I’m interested in topic of Bridges/Trains/Flora/Tourism/Ships/Military,etc. Besides mint issues, I would like also to collector such philatelic items as FDCs,postally used covers and postcards. For exchange I can offer mint issues from China and Taiwan. Please no hesitate to contact me in English or French.

  10. Jim Caserta says:

    Hello –
    I am looking for Scott Nos. 141 and 171, preferably mint and if possible, in a line pair. Used also acceptable if cancelled with a CDS. Will pay top dollar for any acceptable scanned offerings.

  11. Jim Caserta says:

    Hello –
    I am looking for Scott Nos. 141 and 171, preferably mint and if possible, in a line pair. Used also acceptable if cancelled with a CDS.

  12. pavel mostecký says:

    Zdravím všechny sběratele,
    jsem sběratelem platidel,ale po předcích jsem zdědil známky a pohledy všeho možného.Nabízím tedy tento materiál stačí jen napsat o co máte zájem, mám toho dvě skříně.Je možné i vyměnit. Jsem senior s mám zájem o kontakt se zkušeným sběratelem.Pokud bude jakýkoli dotaz na regionální problematiku ČR rád zodpovím. Mohu pomoci s kvalitním překladem do německého jazyka.

  13. J. Stanek says:

    I recently inherited a medium size collection of stamps from Czechoslovakia. I would like to ha appraisal of this collection. I am not a philatelist myself so I am at a loss as to where to begin. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  14. Kenneth Neal says:

    I’m searching for a nice used set of Lighthouse SF Album pages for Slovakia from 1939-45.

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